The waves in El Zonte, El Salvador
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Five Things Friday

I’ll admit, it’s not easy to reimmerse in reality after a trip like El Salvador. Here it is, almost the weekend, and I still haven’t unpacked. I’ve been home a week, and all I could manage so far was laundry… because I was running out of underwear. What few things I did start to put away from my suitcase were dusted with the beautiful black sand from our beach, and that would send me off on a daydream about the waves, the food, and the people of that country.

While I sort through the pictures from my far-too-short seven days in El Salvador, here’s a peek from the trip.

1. The waves in front of our house… or out our backyard, depending on how you look at it. Just a hundred yards from my bedroom was this delicious right point break off a cobblestone rivermouth.

Surfing with my girlfriends

2. Surfing with my girlfriends in 85°F water. For the next few months I will probably boycott surfing in the frigid ocean temps of Southern California, because surfing in a bikini has me spoiled.

It's always happy hour

3. Margaritas, surfboards, palm trees, and ocean views from our house. What’s not to like in this picture?

Tidepools in front of our house

4. Stairs from our house leading down to the tidepools. At low tide, the largest pool becomes a sandy-bottom hot tub…

Favorite place to watch the sunset

5. … And that sandy-bottom hot tub was our favorite place to watch the sunset every night (with more margaritas, of course).

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