Kayaking in Tomales Bay
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Getting my sunset kayak on in Tomales Bay. I was hoping to paddle through the bioluminescence this time of year, but the glow was very faint, even on a moonless night. C’est la vie.

A beautiful moonless night in Tomales Bay

2. Despite the lack of bioluminescence, that evening paddle was one of the most amazing excursions I’ve been on — windless, moonless, the entire Milky Way sprawled across our own planetarium, and a falling star that lit up the sky for nearly 10 seconds. I could’ve made a few wishes by the time it faded!

Garden Betty's NorCal office

3. Pit stop at the mother-in-law’s pad, aka Garden Betty’s NorCal office. Inspiration abounds here.

Finding little gems like this on road trips

4. One of my favorite things about road trips is finding little gems like this post office in the tiny coastal community of Stewarts Point, California, which was established in 1888.

Which path would you take?

5. Beach hopping along the Sonoma coast. Which path would you take?

(See more from my end-of-summer road trip on Instagram… 9 days in, 12 more days to go!)

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