My new favorite soak in the Sierra
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Ending the weekend (and then starting the week) with my new favorite soak in the Sierra, where a little hike brings you to a series of stone-lined hot tubs along a river. Geothermal water trickles down the cave from above.

Fall color is happening here

2. Those multi-colored patches on the mountain are the first trees turning color in California. A beautiful barometer of the seasons. (Yes, we do get fall color out here!)

National Public Lands Day at Mono Lake

3. Celebrating National Public Lands Day at the South Tufa Reserve on Mono Lake. This hypersaline lake, cradled by volcanoes, has been called the “Dead Sea of California.”

Snow-capped peaks behind Mono Lake

4. Mono Lake… a beautiful scene in itself, but what I was most fascinated by was the dusting of snow on the peaks after it had been sunny and summer-like just two days before. The earliest snowfall I’ve seen in years, and hopefully a good sign of a wet winter to come.

Squirrel enjoying a feijoa in my garden

5. After being away from home for so long, it’s always so sweet to come back to these ephemeral moments in the garden. (The little guy is eating a feijoa… ’tis the season for them to start dropping by the bucket loads from our tree.)

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