Red Round turnips
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Of all the turnips I’ve grown over the years, these Red Round turnips are the best. So sweet and tender right out of the soil! I just harvested the last of the winter turnips and have so far made turnip soup, turnip gratin, braised turnip, roasted turnip, pickled turnip… what’s next?

Immature figs

2. Grow figs grow!

Fresh nasturtium seed pods

3. With a string of sunny 85°F days this week, my nasturtium flowers are steadily dying back. In their place are these bright green seed pods, which I’m going to turn into poor man’s capers.

Swallowtail chrysalis

4. A beautiful surprise in my fennel patch.

Mason bees emerging from cocoons

5. The new generation of mason bees emerging from their cocoons.

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