Fresh sunflower seeeds for the chickens
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Bringing a spent sunflower head down to the chicken run. The ladies love their little treat! If you have the space, it’s worth growing a crop of sunflowers near your run every summer. As the flowers fade, they naturally drop their seeds. It gives them something to scratch for in the soil and offers a nutritional boost that will keep their feathers soft and shiny.

Ripe pomegranates

2. We let a week (okay, maybe two) go by without harvesting our pomegranates, and they just couldn’t wait on the tree any longer.

Homegrown pomegranate

3. Nature’s rubies.

Lettuce Leaf basil

4. I can’t resist growing this basil in my garden every year. Lettuce Leaf basil is sweet like the Italian variety, with large, crinkly leaves that look like lettuce. Mine grow up to 6 inches long! I love to wrap a basil leaf around some succulent tomatoes, mozzarella, and prosciutto as an afternoon snack.

Early Silver Line melon

5. I sowed the seeds for this Early Silver Line melon late in the season, and it’s just starting to form fruit this month. This has always been one of my favorite melons from the Korean market, so I figured it could only taste better from my own garden!

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