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Five Things Friday

Seed packets

The five little things that made my week…

1. Seeds! I inventory all my seeds twice a year (spring and fall) and so far I’ve counted a little over 300 packets of seeds, ordered from seed houses or saved from my own garden over the last couple years. Seeds don’t last forever, unfortunately. Have you looked at the dates on some of your older packets? Check out my cheat sheet on seed storage life to determine when it’s time to throw them out.

Seed starting supplies

2. Gathering my seed starting supplies. It’s late October… and the latest I’ve ever started my fall crop in the five years I’ve been gardening. We still have sunny weather in the 80s coming next week!

Chicken foraging bed

3. Remember the chicken foraging beds I seeded two weeks ago? This is what they look like now… almost ready for the girls to go crazy in them!

Plumeria in bloom

4. Spring usually gets all the attention when it comes to flowers, but between my floss silk tree and the dozens of plumeria trees around my garden, late summer and early fall are the most beautiful and colorful seasons here.

Grapefruit tree

5. Our 40-something-year-old grapefruit tree, newly trimmed and fertilized. We typically think of citrus as winter fruits, but this soulful lady produces hundreds of pounds of grapefruits year-round for us.

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