Beet seedlings
Random Thoughts

Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. Chioggia beet seedlings leaning toward the light.

Homemade donuts

2. Homemade donuts are an almost daily occurrence. To say I’m addicted to them is an understatement. (These ones are cranberry with fig jam.)

Palos Verdes Peninsula

3. Home sweet home. I will never tire of this view.

Sunset in my backyard

4. The Pacific has been on a warming trend all year. I can’t quite believe it’s December and I can wade in the water, up to my knees, and still feel like it’s summer.

Pleistocene-era rocks

5. Geological history abounds on the stretch of coastline where I live. The cliffs date back to the late Pleistocene era (when the peninsula was an island) and you can clearly see all the strata as you walk along the shore. It’s mind boggling to realize the same ocean-swept rocks I stand on (and have even dinged my surfboard on) are the same ones that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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