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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. This is what the last week has looked like in my house: a roaring fire in the woodstove, with a tea kettle (staying warm for mugs of tea) and a simmer pot (brimming with rosemary and cinnamon) heating on top.

Fresh pine needles

2. The smell of fresh pine needles is intoxicating.

Sentimental ornament

3. Every ornament on my Christmas tree is either passed down from my husband’s family, handmade, gifted, or purchased from a favorite place we’ve traveled together, like this felt bison from my birthday trip to Yellowstone this summer. It’s one of my favorite things about unpacking the boxes and trimming the tree! I can spend all night reliving the memories and hearing the stories as we hang each trinket.

Baby on board

4. We went in for our 4D ultrasound and I’m smitten with this little face! Still can’t believe there’s an actual baby in there. I’ve officially hit the third trimester and the weeks just feel like they’re flying by.

My firstborn

5. My firstborn just turned 14 on the 14th. Happy birthday to this little sweetheart! Still loving life in every way.

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