Tomatoes in winter
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. This tenacious tomato plant was started from seed a year ago and left for neglect four months ago at the height of the drought. It stopped producing tomatoes but we were simply too lazy to pull it out. Now with El Niño in full swing (bringing with it more cold, rain, and snow than we’ve seen in several years), we’ve been getting dozens of little yellow blossoms and healthy green fruits! Here’s hoping they continue to ripen through the winter!

Fig in winter

2. Along with winter tomatoes, we have winter figs… another anomaly. In the last few weeks we’ve harvested almost a dozen juicy figs, with a few more fellas still hanging on.

Nasturtiums after the rain

3. Nasturtiums grow wild in our garden after reseeding with abandon every summer. This year, they’re getting an early start (thank you, rain!) and I love seeing the lily pad-like pops of green among the mulch.

Mandarin season

4. If I ever move out of California, this is what I’ll miss most. Backyard citrus! Our dwarf mandarin is only five feet tall, but is so heavily laden with fruits that its branches are touching the ground.

Seeds started in the window

5. After flipping through countless seed catalogs, I felt inspired this week to start a few seeds in the window in anticipation of spring. Cauliflower, escarole, mizuna, lettuce, spinach, thyme, cilantro, chives, and dill are all on the way!

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