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Five Things Friday

First eggs of the season

The five little things that made my week…

1. After resting all winter, the hens have gifted us with the first eggs of the season! (I won’t tell them we’ve been cheating on them with store-bought eggs though.)

Overwintered tomato plant

2. Remember our tenacious tomato plant that hung on through the drought? Its first fruits are starting to ripen!

Apple tree beginning to bud

3. Spring may still be a month away, but my apple tree is already beginning to bud. (And the Santa Ana winds we’ve had all week are trying to trick it into thinking it’s summer. Hello, heat wave.)

Tiny baby clothes

4. These tiny baby clothes in adorable prints make my heart go all aflutter. (The ensuing laundry… not so much.)

Giving myself a pedicure at 35 weeks pregnant

5. Thirty-five weeks pregnant and I can still reach my toes for a self-pedicure! I’m guessing only the ladies out there will appreciate this, but it’s quite a feat. (Er, feet. Hehe.)

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