Kayaking the Los Angeles River
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. It was a chilly 48°F at sunrise, but there I was, paddling the Los Angeles River like it was a balmy day! (Or pretend-paddling is more like it, since the river is closed to boating in winter.) Thank you to the awesome crew at Zoom-Zoom magazine (Mazda’s official publication) for asking me to be a part of their upcoming story about LA River restoration efforts, which will include an interview about my volunteer work at Rio de Los Angeles State Park. I’ll post more details when the issue is released! (If you missed my post on kayaking the river a couple of years ago, you can read it here.)

Infant model

2. A few weeks ago on a whim, I sent some pictures of Gemma to a modeling agency. They signed her up and two auditions later, she booked her first job! It was so fun to be in the studio this week and see her and all the other babies in action. (Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed any personal photography since the shoot involved prototypes for next year’s toys.)

Family Christmas cards

3. Speaking of all these pictures… I’m very impressed with the quality of the cards from Minted. We just ordered our first family Christmas cards and I’m excited to start assembling them this weekend. (With a pot of mulled wine simmering on the woodstove, of course. Ahhh, holidays!) Watch for a great giveaway on the blog starting on Monday!

New mini jars from Ball

4. I’m loving these new mini jars from Ball! They’re half the size of half-pint jars (seen on the right for comparison) and so perfect for spice storage.

Volunteer tomato plant

5. We reuse our rinse water from the kitchen on various container plants around the garden, and lo and behold, we now have a tomato plant growing in one of them! Not sure what to do about it yet, but it’s strange to see it growing so well the past few weeks despite some unseasonably cold weather.

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