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Five Things Friday

Navajo chicken ornament from Taos, New Mexico

The five little things that made my week…

1. Every time we travel, my husband and I collect ornaments from places we love, whether it’s a town, a national park, or other interesting landmark. When we bring all the ornaments out to trim the tree, it’s like a trip through our travel scrapbook. Each year our tree gets fuller and fuller, and we adore all the memories it holds on its branches. This hand-painted Navajo chicken was a trinket we picked up in Taos, New Mexico, over the summer in one of the art galleries. It’s quirky, fun, and reminds us of our own girls!

Teton National Park ornament

2. Another ornament we scooped up this summer. We spent a day in Grand Teton National Park while driving through Wyoming to shoot landscapes for The New Camp Cookbook. It was the sixth national park we visited this year!

Washi tape tree with Christmas cards

3. This is currently my favorite corner of the house. We normally hang all the Christmas cards on our fridge, but this year I decided to make a festive little display to dress up our door. The tree is outlined in Japanese washi tape (I used a tape from this set, which is stickier than most washi tapes) and I’m now moving all of our cards to the door and taping them up as “ornaments.” (If you’ve never used washi, it’s perfect for crafty purposes like this because it’s repositionable and removable with no residue.)

Freshly harvested pomegranates

4. My parents just gifted us a box of two dozen pomegranates from their tree. We have our own tree in the backyard but our fruits are nowhere near the size of these behemoths!

Chickens grazing on a "pasture" bed

5. We knew we’d be traveling for most of the summer, so this year we built a small “pasture” (essentially a mini raised bed) inside the chicken coop for our flock to graze on when we were gone. Since there were times they’d be cooped up for a week or more, we wanted to give them their daily greens without relying on a chicken-sitter to come by every day to let them out to forage. The bed is seeded with a chicken-friendly blend of buckwheat, clover, and ryegrass and is still going strong.

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    December 19, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    That washi tape tree is so cute! I was just lamenting that our pretty cards from our generous friends weren’t getting the appreciation they deserved. I’ll have to nab this, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


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