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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. She’s gone rafting and camping, but she’s never been wetter or dirtier than after a day of “helping” me in the garden. This babe is clearly not afraid to get a little dirt under her nails!

An abundant volunteer tomato patch

2. It’s been years since the lower yard has had such an abundant and healthy patch of volunteer tomato plants. Thanks to all the rain we’ve had this winter, we’re seeing about two dozen plants growing steadily, some over 3 feet tall already — and we’re keeping them all. Fingers crossed they’ll produce fruit in a couple of months!

The sweet smell of orange blossoms

3. Between the orange blossoms and the pink jasmine, I wish I could bottle up the incredible smells in my garden right now.

Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, California

4. It’s been a while since we visited our friends at Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc, and it’s so inspiring to see how much they’ve grown. If you’re in California and looking to raise backyard chickens this spring, I cannot recommend them enough.

My sweet little Cochin

5. There will be an update on our chickens soon. In the meantime, your good thoughts and healing energy are much appreciated for this little fighter.

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