Mischief makers in the garden
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. These two. Mischief makers in the garden.

Can you come out and play?

2. “Can you come out and play?” (No, she isn’t talking yet, but that’s what I imagine her babbling to be.)

Iman is ready for bedtime

3. While she’s in recovery mode, we’ve been bringing Iman inside the house to sleep in a makeshift coop each night. We don’t want her to feel lonely roosting in the outdoor coop by herself, and we still have another week before we integrate her with the new chickens. She’s gotten so used to the VIP treatment that lately, she’ll hop over to our screen door before sundown, poke her head up (or, if the door’s open, just walk right in) and look for us as if to say, “I’m ready for bed!” Heart. Melting. This is why I love my chickens so much.

A healthy volunteer tomato plant in early spring

4. You may recall the volunteer tomato plant that we found in one of our containers last December. We decided to transplant it during one of the wettest and coldest winters we’ve had in years, crossed our fingers for its survival, and here it is four months later! Six feet tall and bursting with blossoms! (It ended up being a cherry variety.)

Our little Sprout turned one year old on the first day of spring

5. All smiles at her birthday on the beach! Our little Sprout turned one year old on the first day of spring!

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