Mystery vegetables from volunteer plants
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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…

1. I haven’t been as vigilant with the garden as I usually am, which means loads of volunteer plants and lots of mystery vegetables that we’re starting to harvest. This week’s haul included butternut squash, mystery summer squash, mystery winter squash, and what I think is an overgrown mystery cucumber (but could possibly be a mystery melon). Such are the little joys the garden brings to the kitchen.

Little helper in the garden

2. She loves to help at harvest time (or any time we’re out in the garden, really).

An onslaught of figs is coming soon

3. Oh boy. Looks like we’re gonna be getting a few hundred figs this summer!

Beautiful ribbed heirloom tomatoes grown from seven-year-old seeds

4. These lovely, juicy, ribbed heirloom tomatoes came from seven-year-old seeds! (Have you ever wondered how long your seeds can actually last? Check out my cheat sheet on seed storage life here.)

Color-coordinated tomatoes ready to turn into tomato sauce

5. Anybody else like to color-coordinate their tomatoes? These babies are ready to turn into tomato sauce this weekend!

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  • Laura

    Those tomatoes! Wow!

  • grace

    we have a mystery winter squash too and it looks so much like yours! i think it’s a butternut but i definitely didn’t plant any of those seeds. let us know if you figure it out!

    • The butternuts are the two pear-shaped squash in the photo. The others remain a mystery. 🙂

      • grace

        I meant to say buttercup!

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