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Five Things Friday

I’m starting my first series on the blog today, and hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to keep it up!

Five Things Friday will be a new feature every other Friday that recaps the five little things that made my week. It’ll give you a glimpse into the goings-on in my life… things that don’t need a whole entry to themselves, but are still worthy of sharing because they put a smile on my face.

Things like…

1. The first tomatoes of the season.


2. Blueberries! Soooon… I can almost taste them.

Heart-shaped sunglasses

3. My supa fly new sunnies. I heart them.

Walk Off the Earth album

4. The newest album from Walk Off the EarthFive Things Friday 1. Put that on repeat, please.

Donut pan

5. Yet another kitchen toy: my new donut panFive Things Friday 2. Maybe not the best idea before bikini season, butttt… I’m going with it!

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