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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Perfect Gifts for the Backyard Farmer

Holiday gift guide: gifts for the backyard farmer

We all know a backyard farmer or two in our lives.

They’re the ones who arrange for chicken sitters the way other people arrange for dog sitters. They avoid taking vacations in summer when their gardens are going off. They give away jam made from fruit they’ve grown, and foist massive zucchinis on anyone who will take them.

So it goes without saying that a backyard farmer — whether it’s a friend, a neighbor, or a coworker — is someone good to know!

Say thank you for all those zucchinis they keep giving you (and get on their radar when they have a glut of juicy heirloom tomatoes to share next summer) by sending one of these thoughtful gifts they’ll love.

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The Best Gifts for Gardeners, Urban Homesteaders, and Backyard Farmers

Gifts for gardeners: seed packet storage tin

1. Steel Seed Storage Tin: Old shoeboxes may be vastly cheaper, but they’re not nearly as sturdy or attractive as this vintage-inspired steel tin for stashing away seed packets. (I mean, those leather handles!)

It’s just large enough to store a season’s worth of seeds, but seed hoarders (like myself) may need a few… (wink wink) I’m partial to the green one, but a white version is available too. $38

Gifts for gardeners: tool maintenance kit

2. Niwaki Tool Maintenance Kit: Tools tend to be the old standby when it comes to gifts for gardeners, but what about tool maintenance?

This beautiful Japanese kit contains tool-sharpening essentials like a scouring block, a bottle of camellia oil with dispenser, and a sharpening stone to keep gardening tools in tip-top shape. $58

Gifts for gardeners: mushroom growing kit

3. Shiitake Mushroom Log: Your favorite gardener may be growing a lot of things, but chances are, she’s probably not growing mushrooms… yet.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at cultivating mushrooms at home and this hardwood log (inoculated with shiitake mushroom spores) makes it seem so easy. (There’s a Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Log version, too.) $34

Gifts for gardeners: tool organizer for Tubtrug

4. Tubtrug Tool Organizer: If you read my previous post on the 10 essential gardening tools that every gardener needs, then you know my love for Tubtrugs.

This handy tool organizer snaps on to the handles of a Tubtrug to turn the bucket into a super efficient carryall. I much prefer this over a tool apron in the garden! $19.95

Gifts for gardeners: wreath making kit

5. Wreath Kit: I love the idea of homemade wreaths for every season (not just the holidays) and this wreath-making kit comes with everything you need to get started: floral clippers, floral tape, copper wire, and a stunning copper wreath form.

It’s so much prettier than the plain metal rings you see in hobby stores, so you can design your wreath to be as minimalist (or maximalist) as you want. $89

Gifts for gardeners: stainless steel garden scissors

6. Walnut Garden Scissors: As a gardener, I can never have too many scissors around, and this elegant black stainless steel pair (inlaid with walnut) makes any chore feel more special.

The large pair works for almost any garden situation, while the smaller one is perfect for snipping flowers, herbs, and bonsais. $29

Gifts for gardeners: straw market tote backpack

7. Leather Handle Market Backpack: I have a thing for handwoven market totes, and I especially love this version because the double leather straps are designed to go over your shoulders like a backpack.

It makes it so much more convenient to ride your bike to the farmers’ market or carry a large haul of vegetables while wrangling a toddler. $98

Gifts for gardeners: garden bulb vase

8. Tall Bulb Vase: Sure, you could force a garden bulb in any old vase, but this sculptural vase feels special. It has a spherical base to showcase the roots in water and a sleek cylindrical vessel to support the shoots and flowers as they grow.

I can see a row of these lining a kitchen table to brighten up those dreary winter days! (There’s a small version available as well.) $48

Gifts for gardeners: personal embosser

9. “From the Garden Of” Personal Embosser with Stand: I’m great at making jams and pickles, but the extent of my gift packaging goes as far as the name scribbled on the lid with a Sharpie, and maybe a little twine wrapped around the jar.

This personal embosser makes it so easy to jazz up labels for jars, bottles, and bundles, and it’s a really cute idea for the crafty person who loves to share homegrown food. $39.95

Gifts for gardeners: Seedlip non-alcoholic botanical mixers

10. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Most gifts involving beverages are of the boozy variety, so it’s nice to see some options for non-drinkers that aren’t sweet, dessert-y drinks like hot cocoa or mulled cider.

These botanical elixirs have a rich and complex blend of flavors and can be mixed with your favorite tonic, seltzer, syrups, and shrubs to create a sophisticated mocktail. $45

Gifts for gardeners: Souper Cubes freezer trays for homemade stock

11. Souper Cubes (Set of 2): Maybe I’m just weird, but I really like these types of practical, unglamorous gifts that I’m likely to use every day.

These lidded silicone molds look like giant ice cube trays, but they’re meant to freeze 1-cup and 2-cup portions of homemade stock. That way, you don’t have to defrost an entire jar if you only need a small amount. Clever, right? $42

Gifts for gardeners: mason jar fermenting kit

12. Mason Jar Fermentation Kit: I’ve tried a few airlock systems for my fermenting projects over the years, but these are far and away the best for how easy they make it, even for beginners.

The kit comes with a wooden tamper, glass weights, and airlock tops to turn any mason jar into a fermentation crock for kimchi, sauerkraut, and other ferments. $49.99

Gifts for gardeners: kombucha-brewing kit

13. Tropical Citrus Kombucha Kit: Like the fermentation kit above, I love the idea of giving a gift that promotes good health.

This kombucha-making kit includes a guide to help anyone brew their first batch of kombucha, plus a SCOBY culture, one-gallon glass brewing jar, organic black tea, organic cane sugar, and dried fruit flavoring. (You can make a pineapple/mango/orange-flavored kombucha with the ingredients provided.) $49.95

Gifts for gardeners: The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook

14. The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook: The secret’s out — I have a new book being released in the spring! I’ll be talking more about it in the months to come, but in a nutshell, it’s a revamp of my very first title, The CSA Cookbook. New name, new cover, and new design, but all the same recipes inside.

If you never got around to buying the original book before it went out of print, here’s your chance! You can preorder the book now and reserve your copy before it comes out in April 2020. $25

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