Backyard Chickens

I Got My First Egg!

The first egg from my backyard chickens

This morning, while I was deep in sleep, my fiancé Will ran into our room and woke me up excitedly.

“Look!” He shook me under the covers until I grudgingly half-opened one eye.

There in his hand was a small, smooth, perfectly shaped, green-tinted egg. An egg! Our first egg ever from our chickens!

The egg came from our Easter Egger, Gisele, who is about 29 weeks old. With the chickens getting older and the days getting longer, I was rooting for one of them to start laying soon. I’m so proud of our little Gisele!

She laid the egg around 9 o’clock this morning, right when Will had opened the run to let the ladies out. He found her hunkered down on the roost inside the coop while the other two were already scratching out in the run. Afraid that she might have gotten sick, he tried to coax her out by tossing a handful of mealworms into the yard. The other chickens flapped and feverishly went after them. Gisele gingerly hopped down from the coop to see what all the fuss was, and as she stepped outside with her sisters, out popped an Easter egg! (I realize it doesn’t look very green in the pictures, but it definitely has a green hue in person.)

My first green-tinted Easter egg

My first green-tinted Easter egg

We are beyond excited (to the point of silliness, really — it’s almost as if one of us had laid the egg!) and have not decided what to do with it yet. For now our real-life Easter egg is living in a little dish in our kitchen, where we’ll show it off to friends for the next week!

Green-tinted egg from Easter Egger chicken

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