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Introducing the Garden Betty Shop!

Introducing the Garden Betty shop

By now you’re probably inundated with all kinds of gift guides for gardeners, co-workers, kids, and various people who are hard to shop for, so know that this isn’t just another gift guide.

I honestly don’t know what you should get for your significant other, or what the latest must-have item is this year. What I do know is what I like, and what has worked for me in my home, garden, and travels.

That’s why I’m launching my Shop on Garden Betty, a one-stop shopping guide for all things gardening, chicken-keeping, cooking, camping, and road-tripping. (You’ll see it as a new link above in the blog menu!)

Most of these picks are items I’ve used for years, items that I love and would not hesitate to buy again. Some are things I currently have my eye on, and a select few are what I’m daydreaming about.

Aside from being great gifts (if you’re still looking for that special something), they’re useful and reliable items that will quickly earn their place in your life the way they have in mine.

This isn’t a shop where I’m selling products on my website, but instead a shop where I’ve curated all my favorites into these categories: Garden Tools, Coop Essentials, Kitchen Favorites, Travel and Outdoor Gear, and From The New Camp Cookbook.

You can click on any item that catches your eye, find out more about it from the retailer, and make a purchase from their site.

The Shop is where you’ll go if you’ve ever wondered about something you’ve seen me use on my blog or reference in my books. It will constantly evolve with what readers are interested in, and change with new items and new favorites that I feel are worth sharing.

So, please come back and come back often! And if there’s something I’ve missed, or you want to know the source of any particular item you’ve seen in one of my posts, let me know.

Maybe you’ll find a little something for yourself for Christmas? Dig in and happy browsing!

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