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Jade Canopy: A Subscription Box for Gardeners

Jade Canopy: a subscription box for gardeners

I love my UPS man… and not because it’s the season when packages start arriving at my door with more frequency.

Truth be told, I see packages at my door several times a week some months. I love hearing the thump of boxes on my doormat, the occasional shout of “UPS!” before the delivery driver hops back in his truck, and the subsequent ding! on my phone as a text comes in to tell me a package has been delivered. Even an Amazon Prime box filled with cleaning supplies feels like Christmas.

So when it comes to subscription boxes, I’ve really had to reign in my obsession with having things shipped to me. I love to discover new products and especially products with a handmade, small-batch, or artisanal feel to them — products I can’t find at my local shops.

These days, it seems you can get a subscription to just about everything: beauty products, shaving kits, pet food, vegan snacks, baby toys, even condoms. Everything, that is, except gardening items.

Obviously, you can’t fit a shovel or a planter into a subscription box. But there are so many lovely things that inspire our love of nature and home, from seeds and bulbs to candles and lotions. Gardening doesn’t happen year-round (or even in the ground) for a lot of people, so in the off season, the simple joy of a small project or a trinket that reminds us of fresh, fragrant roses is a great motivator.

Pam and Lorna knew this, and they wanted to fill this void in the subscription box space. The mother-and-daughter team is the duo behind Jade Canopy, and I’ve partnered with their new company to show you what’s inside one of their subscription boxes!

Unpacking a Jade Canopy subscription box

First, what is a subscription box? It’s a curated collection of goods sent to your door every month, filled with happy things revolving around a central theme. You don’t know what will arrive each month, the selection is constantly changing, and that’s part of the fun.

Jade Canopy specializes in gardening goods. They offer their service through CrateJoy, an online marketplace for subscription boxes, and their first shipment started in November. I took a peek at what they offered last month and discovered that the debut box included a DIY bird feeder with some starter bird seed!

This month, their theme is “Out With a Bang!” and includes a pretty canvas pouch, two vegetable seed packets, three herb seed packets with a small ceramic pot and potting soil, three tulip bulbs, and a lotion and shower gel set. Pam (a Master Gardener in Kentucky) also tucks in a cheat sheet on December plantings, a gardening to-do list, and her seasonal “Words of Wisdom” (amassed from over 30 years of gardening experience).

Jade Canopy gardening subscription box

Subscription box for gardeners and garden lovers

Tulip bulbs

Gardening cheat sheets from a Master Gardener

With every Jade Canopy box, you receive a project of some sort (such as the bird feeder kit in November and the indoor herb pot in December), organic seeds and bulbs, and a little pampering gift, along with the aforementioned cheat sheets. The subscription is suitable for new and experienced gardeners alike, or even someone who simply likes to dabble in the dirt.

Jade Canopy subscriptions start at $30 per month with discounts offered for prepaid subscriptions: $80 for 3 months, $160 for 6 months, and $320 for 12 months. You can subscribe to a box for yourself, or send a subscription as a gift.

Pam and Lorna are also animal lovers and donate 10 percent of their proceeds every month to an animal charity of their choice. It’s a thoughtful gesture that truly shows there are genuine people behind this homegrown company.

As a special treat for Garden Betty readers, Jade Canopy is offering 25 percent off any of their subscriptions with the code JADEHOLIDAY! Offer expires December 31, 2015.

This post is brought to you by Jade Canopy. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that support Garden Betty.

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