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Life Is Beautiful in Baja

Annular solar eclipse seen from Baja

My last weekend culminated in the solar eclipse peaking over the barren Baja desert. But there were plenty of other beautiful moments before that.

Life is simple in Baja

In Baja, life is simple. Life is slow. Life is about living in the present and enjoying every minuscule moment as it happens.

Life is about realizing it’s the minuscule moments that really matter — but not in a petty, begrudging sort of way. Those moments could be as sweet as opening your eyes to the first rays of sunlight streaming through your window, and feeling grateful that you have another day to dream and dance. Those moments could be as random as pouring out the dirty cup that held your wine last night, pouring in a pack of instant coffee without washing it, and realizing you don’t need much to be uninhibitedly happy.

Waking up in a converted cabin cruiser

At the Boat Ranch, people are uninhibitedly happy. People are released from the day-to-day worries of alarms and errands and unanswered emails. You can’t do anything about them once you’re down in Baja, so you might as well enjoy the time you’ve got in this primitive paradise.

Heading to a primitive paradise

If you don’t surf…

Surfing in Baja

You can dirt bike.

Dirt biking in Baja

If the tide isn’t right…

A calming ocean view

You wait it out.

Waiting for the waves

If you’re all surfed out…

Relaxing cliffside

You take in the view. And do nothing else unless it involves tacos, beer, or a bathroom break.

Life is beautiful in Baja

And when you find yourself back in civilization, you’ll be ready to let go of all the preconceived notions and misconceptions you had about the things you thought you knew.

Cartel doesn't kill hot chicks

I hope everyone has — or will find — that special Baja in your heart and your life.

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