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  • A little bean is sprouting in the fall

    A Little Bean Is Sprouting in the Fall

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared some personal news, so here’s a happy update from the Garden Betty family: We’re growing by one this fall! Will and I are thrilled to…

  • A play kitchen makeover
    House & Home, Parenthood

    A Play Kitchen Makeover

    My daughter loves to be in the kitchen. (Perhaps a budding cookbook author herself?) She loves to watch me cook and mimic what I do, whether it’s stirring up a pot or…

  • Gemma at one day old.

    Here’s to the First Year

    Above: Gemma at one day old. Every morning, I take the first nap with the baby. I always wake up an hour before she starts stirring, but rather than getting up and…

  • Gemma at one day old

    Four Months, Four Thoughts

    Above: Gemma at one day old. I feel like I just wrote this post, yet here I am with a post about my four-month-old. Four months old! Officially out of the “fourth…

  • I planted my placenta

    I Planted My Placenta

    Yes, you read that right. Warning: Graphic images of placenta ahead. When I was pregnant, the placenta — or rather, what to do with it post-birth — was a popular topic among my friends…

  • Welcome home, Gemma Lumen

    Welcome Home, Gemma Lumen

    For months I eagerly anticipated meeting the little one, and true to her nickname, Sprout — our darling Gemma Lumen — arrived on March 20, the first day of spring, after almost…