Spring season seeds
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Springtime Seeds

What’s more exciting than planting a new garden for spring?

Getting all the SEEDS first!

Over 40 seed varieties from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Botanical Interests arrived, and I’ve been sorting through these adorable packets while making my garden plans. I’m especially excited about my heirloom cucumbers (Chinese Yellow and Poona Kheera) and all the juicy tomatoes I’ll be growing (Cherokee Purple for fresh eating, German Red Strawberry for canning, and four other varieties in black, orange, yellow and red). Can’t forget the Chocolate Habanero that I’ll need for all the salsas I’ll be making this summer! And, just because I want to see how long these will actually grow — Chinese Red Noodle beans, which I think will look stunning on the trellis. I can’t wait to serve them up in a coconut curry stir-fry in place of the the typically green Chinese long beans that I’ve used before… the red color will make the dish really pop.

What are you looking forward to growing this season?

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