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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Delightful Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners (Under $25!)

Holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers for gardeners

Just because most of our gardens are asleep in winter doesn’t mean we don’t love a good garden-centric gift in our Christmas stockings, right?

In fact, these are the types of pint-sized presents that get us excited for longer days, warmer nights, and dirt under our nails again.

I also think they make a sweet thank-you gift when you just want to send a small token of appreciation, long after the holidays have passed.

They’re all hand-picked by a fellow green thumb (that’s me!). I even own a few of them, so you can’t go wrong with any of these fun trinkets.

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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Gardeners, Plant Lovers, and Urban Farmers

Felt swinging chicken ornament gift for the urban farmer

1. Felt Swinging Chicken: Let’s be honest here — this ornament is so stinkin’ cute that you’ll want to give it to your chicken-keeping friends right away so they can hang it on their Christmas tree.

They also make fun gifts for kids. Every year, my toddler gets her own tree to decorate (usually a potted rosemary “Christmas tree” that’s at her height) and we’ve been adding adorable plush ornaments to her kid-friendly collection. This one is definitely going on our list! $15

Paper pot maker is a great stocking stuffer for gardeners

2. Paper Pot Maker: If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you might remember the DIY newspaper pot tutorial I posted.

It’s the perfect rainy (or snowy) day project that recycles your old newspapers, saves money in seed-starting pots, and gives you something to do while you’re waiting for the ground to thaw. I used a can of tomato paste in my tutorial, but this paper pot maker makes it just a tad easier to churn out a pile of newspaper pots in one sitting. $10.85

Mini garden trowels make great stocking stuffers for gardeners and plant lovers

3. Gardener’s Lifetime Mini Trowel: I always use a soup spoon to scoop seedlings out of seed-starting trays, which works okay, but how cute is this mini trowel?

And it’s useful. I like the pointed tip for digging into soil and the 3-inch blade for transporting and transplanting seedlings without damaging them. The wooden handle looks substantial enough to help curb hand fatigue, too. $9.95

Copper plant markers make a great gardening gift

4. Copper Plant Markers: Can we ever have enough plant markers? I love how sleek and modern these ones are — a far cry from those flimsy and utilitarian white plastic plant markers. They’re also tall and sturdy enough to hold their own in the garden and can be reused for many years.

I use a black Sharpie to write on them, and remove the names with rubbing alcohol at the end of the season. $18

Farmers salve for dry hands

5. Farmers Salve Made with Homegrown Lavender: Living in the high desert, I go through salves and balms like they’re water. By the end of the gardening season, my hands definitely need a lot of love.

What I like about this ultra-healing salve is that it’s infused with lavender in hemp oil (which is an incredibly nourishing oil not typically found in other salves), and that’s just about the cutest label I’ve ever seen. $12

Exfoliating bar soap for gardener's hands

6. Gardener’s Scrub Soap with Exfoliating Luffa, Pumice, and Coffee: Regular hand soap just doesn’t cut it for me after a day in the garden. I need bar soaps with exfoliating action, and this pretty handmade scrub bar has luffa, pumice, and coffee grounds to help get all that sap off my fingers.

It also smells delicious and makes my hands feel so soft and buttery afterward. $5.85

Exfoliating scrub soap and balm for working hands

7. Gardener’s Gift Set – Poppy Seed Soap and Balm for Working Hands: This is another scrubby soap for gardeners that buffs away dead skin, dirt, and grime. It has ground walnut shells and poppy seeds to exfoliate, and coconut oil to cleanse and moisturize.

I love that you can gift this set to a guy, since the balm is unscented. It’s ideal for a gardener, woodworker, mechanic, or anyone with hard-working hands. $17

Alpaca fingerless gloves

8. Alpaca Fingerless Gloves: I own a similar pair of fingerless gloves and can tell you it’s in constant use during cold weather. (In fact, I might get a second pair just to keep as spares in the car.)

I love the dexterity you have with fingerless gloves without sacrificing the warmth you need for quick tasks outside or errands around town. Alpaca wool is soft and non-itchy, which makes it ideal for sensitive hands too. $24

Baggu reusable bag in fun botanical print

9. Baggu Reusable Bag: I’ve been toting these reusable bags long before plastic bags were ever banned, and I’ve collected about a dozen over the years. They are fabulous — strong, stylish, and made of lightweight ripstop nylon in a variety of fun patterns and colors.

They also hold a ton of stuff; I’m never afraid to tell the checkout clerk to load ‘em up at the grocery store! The line has expanded to include lots of other styles and fabrics, but the original is still my favorite for how versatile it is. $12

Flour sack towel gift for the urban farmer

10. Flour Sack Towel: Dish towels are infinitely useful around the house, and I can’t seem to have too many. I especially like flour sack towels for hand drying and dish drying (as they air out quickly) and wrapping vegetables in the fridge (as they’re ultra-breathable and lightweight).

This vibrant, hand-printed “Grow Local” design also comes in blue. Be sure to check out the rest of this Etsy seller’s shop; she has lots of other lovely designs to choose from. (I might get the camping-themed towel as well.) $12

Handmade ceramic bud vase for the plant lover

11. Handmade Ceramic Bud Vase: I love to line my workspace with little bud vases. They’re the perfect size for a sprig or two of herbs from the garden (my favorite is flowering basil or sage) or a dandelion stem that my toddler picks for me.

The white color allows this vase to fit in with almost any decor, while the organic shape and texture makes it feel special. $19

Woodfire tin candle

12. Woodfire Tin Candle: I’ve yet to meet a beautiful candle I haven’t liked, and this woodfire-scented version is a lovely departure from the sickly sweet scents that are normally associated with the holidays.

I wouldn’t say it smells exactly like a wood fire (guess it depends on what type of wood we’re talking about), but it’s pleasant and mild and will make your whole room smell warm and inviting. $10

Garden lovers lollipops with plantable seed sticks

13. Garden Lovers Lollipops: At first glance these may look like any other lollipop (only with scrumptious flavors like Strawberry + Basil, Vanilla + Hibiscus, and Peach + Marigold), but the real fun comes when you finish the candy.

The biodegradable stick is embedded with flower or herb seeds and can be planted in the ground once it’s licked clean! $24

Succulent-shaped chocolates

14. Winter Succulent Chocolates: Fancy chocolates aren’t something I normally buy for myself, but I love to receive them and savor with a glass of red wine after dinner.

This giftable box is filled with a pretty collection of hens and chicks for the succulent lover. The only downside is they may be too pretty to eat! $14

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