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  • Kimora in her nest
    Backyard Chickens

    The First Egg of the Year

    My chickens stopped laying at the start of fall. It was expected of Iman, my ornamental Golden Laced Cochin, but unusual for Kimora, my highly productive Barred Rock. Last winter she still…

  • Iman in her nest box
    Backyard Chickens

    Laying It Down

    Despite many chicken-keeping sources claiming chickens like to share nest boxes — up to four of them per nest — each one of my divas prefers her own throne. Go figure.…

  • Homegrown eggs kept on the counter
    Backyard Chickens

    Eggs: To Chill or Not to Chill

    One of my favorite things about backyard eggs — besides the orange yolks, the daily discoveries, and the hilarious hens themselves — is not having to refrigerate them. That’s right, I leave my…

  • A freshly laid brown egg
    Backyard Chickens

    It’s Eggs-citing Around Here

    On Wednesday afternoon, this egg was laid at exactly 2:15. At 2:16, I reached into the coop and made myself breakfast. How often can you say your breakfast was only one minute…

  • Can you guess the homegrown egg?
    Backyard Chickens

    Can You Guess the Homegrown Egg?

    One of these eggs came from my free-ranging, bug-eating, sunshine-loving Easter Egger chicken. Another egg came from organic, vegetarian-fed, cage-free chickens (or so the carton said). And the last egg is standard-issue…

  • Gold-leafed Easter egg
    Backyard Chickens

    The Golden Egg

    I’d been waiting almost four months for my first egg. Four months! That’s four months of friends and family coming around and asking when our chickens were going to start laying. Granted,…

  • The first egg from my backyard chickens
    Backyard Chickens

    I Got My First Egg!

    This morning, while I was deep in sleep, my fiancé Will ran into our room and woke me up excitedly. “Look!” He shook me under the covers until I grudgingly half-opened one…