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  • Blewit mushroom
    Garden of Eatin'

    And a Blewit Blew Through Here

    I found this lovely lilac-colored mushroom growing in a pile of mulch. Didn’t think too much of it, except that I loved the distinctive color and prominent gills. I’d forgotten about my…

  • Mushrooms in Marin County
    Garden of Eatin'

    Marin Mushrooms

    The boyfriend and I are up in the Bay Area this weekend to spend Christmas with his mom. While hiking around her backyard in Marin (and by backyard, I really mean the…

  • Bird's nest fungus
    Garden of Eatin'

    Bird’s Nest Fungus

    After a good rain, I’m always finding a random mushroom here and there in the garden. These tiny shrooms emerged from a bed of woodchip mulch, and after some Googling, I discovered…