The Trick of Knowing When to Harvest Garlic

Your garlic cloves were planted last September (or maybe October or November?), grew steadily through winter and spring, and now that it’s nearly summer, they’re ready to be picked from the garden, right? Well, maybe. Unlike many vegetables that are planted in spring and harvested in fall, garlic is usually planted in fall and harvested from late spring to mid summer. It’s a long-maturing crop, taking eight to nine months from seed garlic (plantable cloves) to final harvest. Related: Find First and Last Frost Dates Accurately with This Custom Planting Calendar Garlic is also one of those things where timing is everything, and the harvest period can span from May to August, depending on the date of planting, the weather conditions, and the type of garlic grown. It can’t be picked too early or too … Continue reading The Trick of Knowing When to Harvest Garlic