My favorite vendors.

When I’m shopping for gardening supplies, these are the vendors I always turn to for quality products. Some of these companies have sponsored Garden Betty in the past, but the reason I recommend them here (and why you can trust my recommendations) is because I spend my own money on plants, seeds, and supplies, I know what’s worth buying, and these are companies I buy from over and over again (with zero pressure of having to give them good reviews).

Garden Betty is reader-supported and some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click on my link and make a purchase.

Online nurseries

Nature Hills: I’ve purchased a dozen fruit trees from this nursery and they have all thrived since day one. Nature Hills carries healthy trees on quality rootstock, and their massive selection also includes shrubs, ground covers, and other plants I usually can’t find elsewhere. This is one of the best places I’ve found for bareroot and potted trees up to 7 feet tall. I’ve purchased several trees for my landscape from them, and they’ve always arrived healthy and well-packed.

Richters: In 2010, I made my first purchase of plant starts online. Why online? Because the only place I could find unusual varieties like African Blue basil, True French sorrel, bloody dock, and dozens of gourmet mints was from this Canadian nursery. I still order from them today as they have one of the best selections of herbs (both culinary and medicinal) and you’re bound to find something new and interesting on their site.

Seeds and bulbs

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: I’ve been using Baker Creek seeds in my garden for over 12 years, so that’s saying something. They have the most extensive and drool-worthy selection of seeds anywhere! Check out my farm tour of the Baker Creek headquarters in Missouri.

Botanical Interests: I’ve been buying from Botanical Interests since the beginning of my gardening journey in 2010. They always have high germination rates and the best (most informative) seed packets of any seed supplier, hands down.

Eden Brothers: I shop here for the beautiful selection of wildflower seed mixes, but they also carry other seeds (including vegetables, herbs, and cover crops) along with flower bulbs, roots, and rhizomes.

Kitazawa Seed Company: They’re the only game in town for authentic Asian seed varieties from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. It blows my mind what I’m able to find here! (And they’re based in Utah, so you don’t have to worry about dodgy seeds coming from unknown overseas sellers.)

True Leaf Market: This is an excellent indoor gardening supplier where I get sprouting seeds to grow microgreens for myself and fodder for my chickens. You can find everything you need here to start an indoor or hydroponic garden.

Gardening tools and equipment

Gardener’s Supply Company: No matter what you’re looking for to help make gardening easier, Gardener’s Supply probably carries it. They have everything from raised beds and plant supports to bird baths and beekeeping supplies, all for the home gardener. My #1 favorite items are this ultra versatile garden cart that I use almost every day (I have it in purple!) and these garden tool storage caddies that hang on my raised beds.

Tractor Supply Company: Maybe you have one in your city, but I don’t—which means any time I’m traveling and there’s a TSC nearby, I have to stop and see what they’ve got. This place is like a toy store for all things farming and gardening, and when I’m looking for something specific, it’s much easier to shop their full catalog online.

Bootstrap Farmer: This is my go-to for seed-starting trays. Finally, a sturdy plastic tray that doesn’t crack, split, or bend under weight! No other company can match their bombproof construction.