11 Lazy Gardening Tips to Help You Be More Productive

What if you could have a more productive garden... simply by being lazier? It's true! But being lazy is just another way of saying you're becoming more efficient.

That means less time spent on back-breaking garden chores, and more time spent harvesting the fruits (and veggies!) of your labor.

Here are my top favorite lazy gardening strategies to help you get more out of your garden with less work.

Mulch with edible plants and beneficial plants


I do love using straw and wood chips as mulch for my garden beds. But more often than not, my favorite type of mulch is a living green mulch—especially one you can eat!


Putting drip irrigation in my vegetable garden was the best decision I ever made for my sanity. Sure, it took some effort to install in the beginning, but the hours, days, and weeks I saved were well worth it.

Put your watering on autopilot


Also called the “chop and drop” method, letting your old plants decompose in place is a highly effective way of enriching the soil.

Don’t pull up the roots


Many crops like sweet potatoes, summer and winter squash, peas and beans, and even sweet and hot peppers can be picked before the “main attraction” appears. You just have to know to pick the leaves!

Use the entire plant

Though most of the vegetables we love to eat are annuals (or treated as annuals), adding a few perennial crops to your garden means you’ll have access to more food with little to no effort, since they’ll come back every spring.


Plant perennial crops

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