A few adventurous parents have since asked us how they could bring their own babies camping, so I want to share a few tips on how we pulled it off.

If you’re a parent (or parent-to-be) who’s been hesitant about this, I hope our experience inspires you to get outside with your little one!

I think these tips will work for most babies and serve as a starting point to help you prepare for a first-time family camping trip.

Stay close to home. (At first.)


We chose Kern River for its proximity to our home at the time (Los Angeles), knowing that if things went south, we could bail and be back home in about three hours.


For the baby’s inaugural outing, we spent three days and two nights at camp. It was just right.

Keep it short, but not too short.


For our first trip to the woods, the convenience of campground amenities like a water spigot cannot be beat.

Keep it convenient.


Stay warm. Be comfortable. Consider your bedtime habits and bring all the comforts needed to make tent-sharing as pleasant as possible, and to ensure everyone has a good night’s sleep.

Don’t skimp on the sleeping situation.

The slightest hint of dehydration can lead to fussiness and sleep troubles, so I breastfed Gemma a little more frequently at camp than I did at home.


Feed frequently.

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