These Are the Best and Easiest Seeds to Plant in Spring

Much of gardening is a waiting game, and even then, harvests are not always guaranteed.

But you can increase your chances of having productive plants by choosing varieties that are quick to mature and easy to grow in your vegetable garden.

These are my top picks for the best seeds to plant in spring for instant gratification—all from personal experience.



Fast-growing lettuce is a springtime staple, as the leafy greens thrive in cool weather. Varieties include iceberg (the sturdiest and longest-keeping lettuce, but also the blandest), romaine, butterhead, and leaf lettuce.



Brassicas are cut-and-come-again crops, meaning you can harvest a few leaves at a time from each plant, every few days, and it will continue to grow.


Spring radishes

Spring radishes are the babies of the group, and what we commonly know as salad radishes. They’re usually eaten raw and known for having a peppery kick, but they can also be roasted, braised, or sautéed, which mellows out their spiciness.


Chard and beets

Baby beet greens and baby chard are delicious in salads, while baby beets can be peeled and sliced thin with a mandoline and eaten raw.



This category of easy-grow beginner-friendly crops includes snap peas, snow peas, shelling peas, fava beans, bush beans, and pole beans, all of which are incredibly satisfying to plant because the large seeds are easy to handle.

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