How to Grow an Amazing Amaryllis for Winter Color

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your home during the dark winter days, an amaryllis (genus Hippeastrum) might be a good choice.

These unassuming bulbs produce amazing flowers in a wide range of colors, the result of a long history of selective breeding.

Here's how to care for amaryllis indoors and nurture it into a thriving houseplant year-round (and not just in winter).


Once the flowers are spent, remove them. Remove the stalk once it goes yellow. Fertilize regularly and make sure your amaryllis gets lots of sun.


When the risk of frost clears in spring, move your potted amaryllis outdoors. Continue watering and fertilizing regularly, still providing plenty of light.


Once temperatures start to drop, bring the plant back in. The sudden move from the cooler outdoors to your warm home should do the trick.


It’s recommended to place the plant in a slightly cooler spot in your home once it starts blooming. This way the flowers don’t fade as quickly.

You don’t need to take any special steps to get your amaryllis to bloom, like letting the bulb go dormant for part of the year. It can continue growing leaves just fine.

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