My Honest Review of Avocado Green Mattresses (5 Years In)

Three years ago, with the hope of replacing my old conventional innerspring mattress with a more eco-friendly organic option, I landed on Avocado Green Mattress.

Over the course of 36 months, I’ve slept on an Avocado pillowtop mattress, bounced on it with the kids, and rotated it every October on its anniversary. (In fact, it’s time to rotate it again.)

The mattress is still as good as new, and every morning we wake up rested and pain-free.

We’ve learned that we need a little more support from a mattress, and find that the Avocado strikes the right balance for us. We placed it on a platform bed with wooden slats (this is the bed frame we have and love), which gives it the perfect amount of flex.

The natural latex pillowtop hasn’t lost its shape or firmness, and the side handles have proven themselves to be surprisingly sturdy. (It’s no small feat to turn a king-size mattress around!)

We also don’t feel the tufted button rosettes in our backs, though we do use a thin mattress protector under our linen sheets.

Even with three or four bodies in bed, we don’t feel hot, nor do we feel cold when the kids are sleeping in their own bed. (They currently share a bed.)

In fact, I think the greatest testament to how much we love our mattress is that we ordered a twin-size Avocado pillowtop mattress for our toddler soon after we bought ours.

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