DIY Mason Jar Koozie

To buffer hands from the heat, I have a few sets of woolly koozies that wrap around my jars — just like those paper sleeves you find at coffeeshops, only the koozies are reusable and much, much cuter.

What seals the deal even more is how easy they are to DIY. No knitting or crocheting experience necessary, not even a sewing machine… all you need are wool socks, scissors, and needle and thread.

I paired the koozies with the Ball® pint-sized Sharing Jars, and because food is often my go-to gift for the holidays, I added my favorite mulled cider spice mix to each jar.

Materials Needed

Pint-sized mason jar Crew-length wool socks Needle and thread


Slide the sock over the jar (up to the rim) and cut to length, leaving 1 inch below the base.


Remove the sock and turn it inside out. Fold the raw edge over and stitch a 1/2-inch hem.


Turn the sock right side out and slide it back onto the jar.


Pour yourself some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, or proceed with a batch of vanilla and bourbon mulled cider…

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