DIY Natural Insecticide to Keep Aphids Away

Don't let little bugs ruin your outdoor plants or houseplants.

A homemade insecticide is your best defense against aphids, and you can DIY a simple and natural pest spray at home with only two ingredients.

This organic pest remedy is safe to handle and safe to use around children and pets, and works for both edible plants as well as decorative plants.


1 gallon water 2 1/2 tablespoons pure-castile liquid      soap 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional)


Fill a gallon-size spray container with water, then add the soap and oil. Mix or shake the container thoroughly before using.

To scale the recipe for smaller applications, use 2 teaspoons pure-castile liquid soap for every 1 quart water.

Dry conditions and hot weather (above 90°F) can increase plant stress and increase your plants’ sensitivity to soap, so avoid spraying on a hot, sunny day and make sure your plants are well watered first.

If you’re trying to treat houseplants, be sure to protect the surroundings from overspray, or move the plants to an area where you can spray freely, like a patio or garage.

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