How to Make Your Own Whole-Grain Soy-Free Chicken Feed

This is the ORIGINAL homemade chicken feed that thousands of chicken-keepers have made and loved!

Soy-free, natural, and full of healthy whole grains and seeds, it's easy to customize so you can make the best feed possible for your own flock.

My homemade chicken feed is around 17 percent protein, which is in the target range for laying hens.


Oats Black oil sunflower seeds Wheat Kamut Millet Whole corn Lentils Sesame seeds Flax seeds Brewer’s yeast Kelp granules


Combine all of the ingredients, except the oyster shells and grit, in a small bucket.


Fill your feeder with the mixed-grain feed, or store the feed in a pet food container or a galvanized steel bucket with a lid.


Offer the oyster shells and grit in separate small feeders for your chickens to eat as they wish.

If money is no object, you could also add quinoa, spelt, wild rice, amaranth seeds, nyjer seeds, hemp seeds, or shelled peanuts as excellent protein sources.

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