How to Safely Get Rid of Wasps Without Getting Stung

It’s generally fine to remove small and beginning nests yourself, although if you have your doubts, calling an exterminator may be worth the peace of mind. Large nests and nests that are in difficult-to-reach spots are best left to the professionals.

Why? Because if you disturb and then fail at getting rid of the nests of aggressive wasps, like yellowjackets, you’ll end up with some very angry (and very alive) stinging insects!

If you’re going for it yourself, the recommended steps are:

Wear long sleeves and pants, just in case.


Tuck your pants into some boots, your sleeves in some gloves, and put on goggles. Better safe than sorry!


Spray an aerosolized insecticide on hanging nests, or apply a dust-based insecticide on underground nests.

Sneak up at dusk when most of the wasps are inside the nest.

If you need a flashlight, it’s recommended to use one with a red filter to avoid attracting the wasps.


Do you see any activity around the nest? If not, you can go ahead and remove it. If there are still wasps present, it’s best to repeat the previous step.

Wait a day and check back.

Wrap a trash bag around it, tie it off and discard of it in a well-sealed outdoor bin.


Remove the nest.

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