Revive Your Wooden Utensils With DIY Spoon Butter

My spoon oil (or as I like to call it, spoon butta!) is a mixture of walnut oil and beeswax. Walnut oil is known as a drying oil. That means it absorbs into the wood and then cures, or hardens. It gives the wood a satiny sheen that stands up to repeated use.

The beeswax adds another layer of protection and waterproofness. Together, they give new life to your parched wooden implements in a natural, effective, and food-safe way.

Use twice a year on all kinds of wooden implements, but your go-to spoons should get buttered up every couple of months.


8 fluid ounces Walnut Oil 1/8 pound Beeswax, cut into chunks 1 vitamin E capsule (optional)


Pour the walnut oil and beeswax into a pint-sized glass jar, then place the jar in a saucepan filled with 2 to 3 inches of water.


Heat the jar over medium heat, stirring until the oil and wax are well mixed. (I use one of my wooden spoons to get ahead of the game!) You want the water to be simmering, not boiling.


When the mixture has liquefied, remove the jar from the pan. If using, break the vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil into the mixture. Stir to combine, then wipe down your stirring spoon to ensure it’s evenly coated with the spoon oil.


Allow the spoon oil to cool before using; it will thicken and solidify to a balmy texture.

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