How to Harden Off Seedlings For Big Healthy Plants

Make sure your brand new plants are ready for the world!

When they make the transition from indoors to outdoors, your plants need time to acclimate.

Learn how to harden off seedlings in 7 days or less with my proven method.

Start hardening off seedlings when they’re a couple inches tall with their first set of true leaves.

Day 0

That’s right: the process of hardening off seedlings should start indoors first.

Set your seedlings outside in dappled or partial sun for 2 to 3 hours.

Make sure the area is free of wind and above 60°F. This could be under an eave, a covered porch, or a shady tree.

Day 1

Set your seedlings outside in partial to full sun for 3 hours.

The next afternoon, put the seedlings outside for 3 hours in partial to full sun. Somewhere with a light breeze is also good for them at this point.

Day 2

Set your seedlings outside in full sun for 4 hours.

Put them someplace warm with a soft breeze, if possible, and make sure they don’t sit dry and wilted for a prolonged period of time.

Day 3

Set your seedlings outside in full sun for 5 to 6 hours.

Bring them outdoors earlier in the day so they experience some cooler temperatures, and give them 5 to 6 full hours of direct sun.

Day 4

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