The Best Way to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Want to make your Christmas tree last longer?

You don't have to add sugar, or cut it at an angle, or drill holes in the trunk. In fact, keeping a Christmas tree fresh and green doesn't involve any of those old tricks your grandpa told you about.

Whether you buy it from a Christmas tree lot or cut it down yourself, it's easy to keep your tree alive for as long as possible (up to 6 weeks!) with these tested and true tips.

Start with a healthy, vibrant tree.


Don’t be afraid to ask the vendor where the trees came from and how recently they were harvested.


Give the tree a clean, straight cut across the bottom.

Chopping down your own tree ensures you have the freshest cut possible, assuming you don’t live more than a couple hours away.


Get the tree in water as soon as you come home.

As soon as you bring your tree indoors, set it up in a sturdy tree stand with a generous water reservoir that holds at least a gallon of water.


Keep it cool.

Heat sources like fireplaces, wood stoves, space heaters, and radiators often dry out a tree much faster than you can water it, so it’s best to locate your tree away from heating apparatuses and heating vents, and out of direct sunlight.


Opt for LED lights.

The new school of LED holiday lights emit very little heat, which keeps your tree from drying out too quickly and also reduces the risk of fire.

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