DIY Newspaper Pots for Easy Seed Starting

Save money and recycle your old newspapers by turning them into newspaper pots for seed starting.

If you've got time on your hands and a rainy day ahead, these recycled newspaper pots are the perfect project to give you a head start on the gardening season.

Get the kids involved and crank out dozens of cheap seedling pots in a single afternoon!


Grab two pages of newspapers (so you have a four-sheet stack). Cut them into thirds lengthwise, giving you three long strips.


On the end closest to you, lay the can on its side across the strip of newspaper. Leave about 1 inch hanging off the end of the can.


Roll the can along the newspaper until it's loosely wrapped all the way around. (Loose being key for easy removal of the can later.)


Fold the edges of the newspaper down over the can, and work your way around in a circle until all the edges are folded over firmly. They don’t have to be perfect; you can just smush the paper down with your fingers.


Flip the can over so the folded edges are now on the bottom. I like to press the can down on the folds to really crease the edges against the bottom of the can.

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