Love at First Sight: How to Care for Hoya Kerrii (Hoya Hearts)

Hoya kerrii starts making its rounds around Valentine's Day, and that's when you'll see its heart-shaped leaves being sold in stores everywhere.

But this adorable houseplant is actually a vine (if you can find one that grows naturally like that) and, contrary to popular belief, the sweetheart Hoya is NOT a succulent.

Whether you've got yourself a single leaf or a full plant, here's everything you need to know to care for your Hoya heart properly.


Light and temperature

Treat it like a succulent and give it a spot on the sunniest windowsill you have to offer! Just be sure to acclimate it slowly if it came from a dimly lit plant store, just to avoid the risk of shocking it.


Water and humidity

You can water your heart Hoya once its soil has gone almost fully dry. It’ll usually need a drink once or twice a week in summer and every two weeks or so in winter.


Soil and planting

It doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated: 60 percent normal potting soil mixed with 20 percent perlite and 20 percent fine orchid bark should be absolutely fine.



Slow growers like this one don’t require too much fertilizer to thrive. In fact, as with watering, it’s better to underfertilize than overdo it! Excess nutrients can damage your Hoya kerrii’s roots.



As with the majority of houseplants, you don’t really have to do any pruning on your Hoya kerrii. Just remove any dead foliage and you’re good to go. You may have to reattach new growth regularly if you use a trellis though.

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