How to Make Orange Blossom Tea With Fresh Citrus Flowers

With their anti-inflammatory properties, orange blossoms have historically been used to treat a host of health issues, including anxiety, lethargy, stress, depression, and insomnia.

While we generally consume the fruits of citrus trees, the flowers are also edible (albeit a tad bitter). This bitterness gets toned down (and actually enhances the flavor) in traditional Moroccan tea.

If you have access to fresh orange blossoms (or bottled orange blossom water), you can make a delicious healing tea two different ways!

Lebanese white coffee (orange blossom tea)

If you want a more traditional tea, try a cup of Lebanese “white coffee,” or kahweh baida, a caffeine-free drink that originated in Beirut and is commonly served as a digestif to calm the tummy.


5 fresh orange blossoms 1 cup boiling water Sugar or honey (optional)


Place the orange blossoms in a tea cup and pour the boiling water over them.


Cover and let steep for about 5 minutes, then remove the blossoms.


To sweeten the tea, stir in sugar or honey to taste.

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