What It's REALLY Like to Live in Bend, Oregon (5 Years Later)

So what's it like being a SoCal transplant in Central Oregon?

This is always the question people ask when they want to know more about living in Bend.

Learn why we uprooted our family nearly 1,000 miles away and how I feel about the weather, the activities, and going from a diverse and bustling city of millions to a small and quiet mountain town.

How have you adjusted to the change in weather?


I find myself looking forward to the start of every season because it always means new activities, and our lives are very much centered around outdoor recreation.


How have the chickens adjusted to the change in weather?

The chickens probably didn’t know what to think, but they lived through their first winter without frostbite or any weather-related issues.


What happened to your pugs?

Chinki passed away in her sleep in March 2018 at the ripe old age of 16. After a long and amazing life, we have no doubt she’s romping happily with all of her departed sisters with a bottomless supply of pork shank bones at her disposal.


How’s the house hunt going?

With our new property and the house plans we’ve designed for it, we think we’ve found a happy medium that’ll allow us to maintain our lifestyle while also securing our family’s future.


Do you miss Southern California?

Not really.

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