How to Get Rid of Fig Beetles Without Poison

Fig beetles can be annoying, but they’re unlikely to do any significant damage in the garden.

If you want to get rid of fig beetles naturally, the key is to take preventive measures first, as chemical controls often don’t work on them, and agricultural resources don’t recommend using them.

Fig beetles are active from July through September when food sources are at their peak, so start early if you want to control them most effectively.

Control during the larval stage.


Since the grubs live in and thrive on decaying matter, turn over any piles of mulch, compost, leaf litter, grass clippings, and animal manure frequently in spring.

Remove their food sources.


Leaving a juicy, dripping fig (or any other fruit) on a branch is just an invitation for clusters of figeater beetles to descend on your tree and feed all day, living up to their name.

Use physical barriers on your fruit trees and shrubs.


Remember that any barrier will also prevent pollinators from reaching the flowers, so place the covering just before the fruits start to mature.

Hand-pick fig beetles as you find them.


To eliminate fig beetles the old-fashioned way, hand-pick each one and drop it into a bucket of soapy water. Dish soap works fine for this, and it doesn’t take much to kill them.

Make a bottle trap to lure fig beetles.


There are many variations of homemade bottle traps, but the easiest one to make only requires a soda bottle and some bait.

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