How to Care for a Potted Christmas Tree and Plant It After

Do you like the idea of a real, living Christmas tree that you can enjoy in your home, then giving it a new life in your garden afterward?

It's easy to plant a potted Christmas tree once the holidays are over!

I'll share my best tips for taking care of a potted Christmas tree and keeping it alive and healthy until you're ready to plant after the New Year.


Once you’ve obtained your live potted Christmas tree, it’s a matter of keeping it alive until after the New Year. Spending a few weeks inside is not exactly something these conifer trees like, but it is possible to make its stay in your house a successful one with a little extra care!


Treat your tree as you would a houseplant, watering when needed and providing plenty of light. Cool temperatures will be greatly appreciated as well, but I know this is a little more difficult indoors.



After purchase, keep your potted Christmas tree outdoors for as long as possible. I know, it’s a bit anti-climactic if the big Christmas tree hunt is a beloved family tradition, but the reality is that they just don’t like being in our warm and dry homes.



Your potted Christmas tree will appreciate being placed near a window. These guys need plenty of light, and although the amount they can get indoors will never be entirely adequate, at least it’ll be better for the tree than being stuck in the dark for weeks on end.



Christmas trees like things cool, which is obviously not really an option during their time indoors. If your home has any chilly or drafty corners, that would be great, but otherwise, just try to keep your tree away from heaters and fireplaces.

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