Pretty Groundcover Plants You Can Walk On

So long, grassy lawn! These walkable ground covers (also known as stepable ground covers) are some of the best low-maintenance, low-growing, fast-spreading plants you can put in your garden paths and walkways.

They can survive moderate to heavy foot traffic and have compact, creeping growth habits that mean you never have to mow!

Here are my top picks.



Sedum is found primarily in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as in Africa and South America. It thrives in full sun and can withstand heat as well as drought, making it perfect for warmer climates and yards with direct sunlight all day.

Corsican mint


With every step you take on this deliciously fragrant ground cover, you’ll get a whiff of a lovely minty scent (which does double duty by repelling garden pests like deer, aphids, and cabbage moths).

Silver carpet lamb’s ear


This silver-leafed plant grows best in well-draining soil in a sunny garden. It needs only light watering until established and after that it’s very drought-tolerant, making it a great option for hot, dry climates.

Creeping jenny


I love this ground cover because during the spring months, it produces bright yellow blooms that attract pollinators. It can also take a lot of foot traffic, so it’s great for busy yards.

Beach strawberry


It’s a beautiful plant year-round, but in spring it becomes dotted with pretty white flowers that give way to edible red berries in summer.

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