How to Repurpose Your Old Christmas Tree

What to do with an old Christmas tree? Anything BUT throw it out. Even though the holidays are over, your tree still has some life left in it.

These 10 clever ideas will have you scheming new ways of repurposing a dead or dying Christmas tree for countless uses around your home and garden.

In fact, you'll be so inspired that you might end up asking your neighbors for their trees too!


Compost your Christmas tree.

First, cut the tree into smaller chunks and gather them into a pile in your yard. Let the pile sit until the pine needles have fallen off and the branches are dry and brittle. Then, use these brown materials as a carbon source for your compost bin, as needed.


Mulch perennial beds with the boughs.

The branches are an excellent alternative to straw or wood chips, and will break down slowly over winter, adding nutrients to the soil for spring.


Chip the wood for garden paths and beds.

Wood chips block sunlight while still allowing water and air to circulate through, so the soil food web stays intact. When you rake the wood chips aside to plant, you’ll have healthy soil that’s benefited from all the nutrients in the decomposing wood.


Place the tree outside and turn it into a bird sanctuary.

After taking all the decorations off your tree, move it outdoors (still in the tree stand) and create your own bird sanctuary (or bird hotel, as I like to call it). You can hang bird feeders and suet cages from the branches, or even a birdhouse or two.


Turn your tree into a wildlife habitat.

If refilling bird feeders isn’t your thing, you can still nurture the mini ecosystem in your yard by turning your old tree into a wildlife habitat. Simply drag it outside to an out-of-the-way spot in your garden and let it sit for the winter, on its side.

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