Best Seed Starting Supplies from the Dollar Store: Get These!

Think you have to spend mucho money to get into gardening? Not so!

The dollar store is one of my favorite places to score some good deals on cheap seed starting supplies. You can save money on gardening tools and accessories that actually last year after year.

Learn what to buy (in the non-gardening aisles, no less) and what NEVER to buy from the dollar store as you set up your garden.


Don’t buy: Seeds or soil

You never truly know the origin of the seeds and soil you find at the dollar store, whether they’re actually organic or even contaminated, how the seeds have been stored and what kind of germination rate to expect.


Dollar store deal: Wash tub

This multipurpose tub works well for mixing soil and amendments (especially if you’re making your own potting mix), moving compost, bottom-watering small pots, and hauling supplies to and from your potting bench.


Don’t buy: Gardening gloves

I’ve worn through countless pairs of cheap gloves, sometimes several a season, and in the end it just makes more sense to invest in a good, sturdy pair that will last a long time.


Dollar store deal: Cookie sheet or baking pan

These things are so versatile. They make great drip trays for starter plugs, seedling flats, planter boxes, or lots of little pots.


Don’t buy: Gardening hand tools

They’re not as sharp or durable as heftier tools from reliable brands, and you’ll end up replacing them sooner than you think.

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