Exactly as the title says — this is an easy, no-fail guide to indoor seed starting.

You don’t need to read any gardening books first. You don’t need any fancy equipment. You just need your seeds (these are the best garden seed catalogs that I order from every year) and a few basic supplies to get started.

Starting seeds indoors is ideal if you want to get a head start on the season, or if the weather is still too hot or too cold to put anything in the ground.

Gather your seed starting supplies.


You can also repurpose household items into seed starting containers, like egg cartons, Dixie cups, and yogurt cups.


Dump your seed starting mix into a large tub or bucket, pour in a generous amount of water, and stir it up with your hands or a trowel.

Fill your pots or trays with seed starting mix.


Place two to four seeds on the surface of the seed starting mix, and gently press the seeds down so they’re nestled in nicely.

Sow your seeds.


Trust me, you will never remember what you planted where, as most seedlings look the same at birth.

Label your newly planted seeds.


If your dome has vents, keep them open to help with air circulation during the sprouting period.

Keep your seeds moist and warm.

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